Episode 32 - Mascot Gyms

This week on Neighborhood with MGM Michael, Michael visits 3 local gyms in Mascot for a quick workout and see what differentiate them from one another.

The first gym, F45 Training Mascot caters for office workers and people with time constraints by offering a 45 minutes high intensity personal group training. Interestingly, lunch time is one of their more busy time with people coming in to train.  

The next gym is All Sorts, which is one of the best gyms in Sydney with a fully equipped gym, a 25 Metre swimming pool and a rooftop tennis court.

The third gym that Michael went to is Anytime Fitness. It caters to those who wants a fully equipped gym with the flexibility of working out at different locations. Although all three gyms offer the same end results of getting their clients 'fitter' each offers different flexibility.

Here at MGM we understand that our clients requirements are different too and we listen and engage in each client's need.

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Thanks for watching this weeks episode of Neighbourhood with MGM.