Episode 33 - Mascot Woolworths

This week on Neighborhood with MGM Properties Michael visits the brand new Mascot Woolworths store which opened up in late April. We meet up with Dalia Potres (assistant store manager) and Chad Cofield (customer service manager). 

What makes Woolworths the home of the fresh food people? The fresh produces, the Sushi Bar, the deli and the seafood shop all having their produces coming in daily. 

As a result of the store being located in the middle of many apartments, customers tend to only purchase enough for the day. The most popular items in the fresh deli section are chicken, chips and energy drinks for the tradies. With fresh fruits being the pick for professionals working in offices nearby. 

Location is everything and Woolworths, before opening up the new Mascot store had researched and found that the store is going to be serving over 2000 apartment owners in the near future.

Michael strongly believes in engaging with the local community and the small businesses that are established in them, so that is why he has introduced the MGM loyalty card. The loyalty card is offered to our clients and customers to deal with local businesses that are trusted and passing on the savings to them.

Thanks for watching this weeks episode of Neighbourhood with MGM.