MGM Properties - Neighbourhood Videos

Episode 64- PCYC Daceyville

In this episode Michael chats to Joey D'Agata, the Club Manager of Daceyville's PCYC. The club's Youth Case Managers, Chris and Jo, provide us with some insight into PCYC's social mission, which is to provide mentorship for the youth of the community.

Episode 63 - Recruitment Edge

In this episode we chat to Tania Kapell, the Managing Director of Recruitment Edge, which is a recruitment company based in the heart of Mascot. Let's hear what Tania has to say about living and working in a thriving suburb on the fringes of the CBD

Episode 62- Market Wrap 2017

Our team here at MGM Properties has taken some time to discuss the end of year market wrap up in there specialised area. Take a look..

Episode 61 - Opa Cize

In this episode of Neighbourhood, Michael checks out the Fitness and Dancing phenomenon which is really taking off amongst Australia's Greek community and beyond: Opa Cize!

Episode 60 - La Bufala

In this episode of Neighbourhood, Michael visits La Bufala, an Italian restaurant in Macscot Central boasting delicious pizzas and Italian cuisine!

Episode 59 - Botany Buzz

In this episode of Neighbourhood, Michael visits Ben, the visionary behind the convenience store with a twist: Botany Buzz.

Episode 58 - Your Manager

In this special episode of Your Neighbourhood, Michael chats with Mortgage advisor Rocco Massaria from Your Manager.

Episode 57 - 12RND Fitness Mascot

Michael checks out 12RND Fitness, a new gym in Mascot, founded by none other than champion boxer Danny Green.

Episode 56 - Princess Table Turkish Restaurant Maroubra

MGM Neighbourhood returns with a visit to one of the many culinary gems of the Maroubra area, a family owned Turkish restaurant: Princess Table.

Episode 55 - The Red Spoon

The Red Spoon is a great place to find all your cooking needs that you can’t find at your local Coles or Woolies. Join Michael on his shopping spree in the Red Spoon.

Episode 54 - Windgap Foundation

Come and get an insightful tour of a great local organisation helping people with intellectual disability.

Episode 53 - Mascot JRLFC

Michael Xylas pops into catch up with George Carayannis, the President of Australia's oldest Junior League Club in Australia: Mascot Juniors Rugby League Football Club

Episode 52 - Welcome Dose

Michael makes his morning coffee stop at Welcome Dose and chats with Manager Tim Greening to discuss how Welcome Dose started and how coffee making is an art form.

Episode 51 - Mascot Kings

Michael meets with James Mavroudis and Angela Palogiannidis to catch up about what makes Mascot Kings Football Club so great

Episode 50 - Goodhew Academy of Dance

Michael checks out the Goodhew Academy of Dance in Mascot and gets the lowdown with the three lovely owners and sisters, Mylie, Melanie and Mandie Goodhew.

Episode 49 - Petsville

In this episode of Neighbourhood with MGM, Michael drops in to visit Jess at Birdsville (and now Petsville) on the corner of Botany Road and Gardeners Road

Episode 48 - Ichiro's Sushi Bar

Michael is enjoying a meal at Ichiro's Sushi Bar and catches up with Graham Liu, the managing director at Ichiro's.

Episode 47 - Christopher's Cake Shop

Michael catches up for a coffee and a chat with Kyriakos at Christopher's Cake Shop in Mascot and samples their delicious dessert.

Episode 46 - Market Wrap

In this special episode, Michael and Tony talk about the latest developments in the local property market.

Episode 45 - Amazon Pest Control

Michael meets up with Ted from Amazon Pest Control to see what nasties they can find in this Rosebery Home..

Episode 44 - Star Rugs

Michael drops in to say hi to Tugce at Star Rugs, she shows Michael their wide range of rugs for all households as well as a rather special flying rug.

Episode 43 - Graphic Arts Club

Michael takes a closer look at the local Graphic Arts Club and its well know chicken schnitzel!

Episode 42 - Power Karate

Michael is off to see what Power Karate is all about

Episode 41 - Brasserie Bread

Michael is discovering the art of Artisian Bread with Brassiere Bread - with a bit of taste testing of course!

Episode 40 - Rosebery Service Station

Michael is admiring the service of George Carayannis from Rosebery Service Station who has been servicing vehicles in the local area for over 43 years!

Episode 39 - Mascot Seniors

Michael and MGM Properties love supporting the local neighborhood, especially the seniors!

Episode 38 - Michel's Patisserie

This week Michael visits Michel's Patisserie at Mascot and tastes a slice of heaven.

Episode 37 - Oliver Brown  

Michael is in Mascot to discover what all the fuss is about with Oliver Brown for. 

Episode 36 - Spring Update  

Are you thinking of selling your property? Let's see what properties in the Eastern Suburbs area are doing... 

Episode 35 - Double Auction  

MGM Properties did not 1, but 2 property auctions on the weekend. You might be surprised by how much they sold for. 

Episode 34 - Camy's Chicken Mascot  

Have you visited Camy's Charcoal Chicken in Mascot yet? Michael is catching up with Camy to find out what all the fuss is about.. 

Episode 33 - Mascot Woolworths  

Michael meets the team that makes Woolworths Mascot the Fresh Food People. 

Episode 32 - Mascot Gyms  

This week Michael visits 3 local gyms in Mascot for a quick workout. 

Episode 31 - Highlights & Bloopers  

We are sharing some of our favourite highlights and behind the scene bloopers. 

Episode 30 - Baby Kingdom Alexandria 

Michael visits baby Kingdom at Alexandria and gets a tour of the store. 

Episode 29 - New Mascot Office 

MGM is on the Move! After more than 21 years in our Rosebery location we have moved to Mascot. 

Episode 28 - Auction Downpour 

Michael  & the team have huge success at an Auction at Rosebert  

Episode 27 - The Green Elephant 

Michael is in Rosbery at The Green Elephant Early Learning Centre

Episode 26 - Bike Buggie

Michael finds out about bike culture at Sydneys iconic Centenial Park

Episode 25 - Archie Rose Distillery

Michael learns about distellery production and gets a little history lesson.

Episode 24 - Choc-a-holic

Michael visits a local business all about authentic chocolate. Unreal flavour with a unique look

Episode 23 - Vive Cooking School Rosebery

The MGM team experience French Cuisine at Rosebery's Vive Cooking School in the Samporium

Episode 22 - Michael's Market Update

Michael and Tony have a conversation about the current property climate.

Episode 21 - Bath To Bow Dog Grooming

Michael and Asha head to a local pet grooming business to get some advice on pet ownership in property.

Episode 20 - ALL FIXED UP

Michael returns to last weeks property to see if it's managed to improve at all.

Episode 19 - FIXER-UPPER

Michael deals with a property nightmare, and figures out how to get the most out of a run down fixer-upper.


This week Michael heads to a fantastic local auction house in Rosebery. Matthew has some great advice for anyone buying or selling property through auction.


Michael visits a thriving cupcake bakery and has a look into what makes this local business so successful.


This week Michael takes you inside an auction in Rosebery, giving insights and advice about the whole process

Episode 15 - PT & W LAW

Michael meets up with Tolli and Peta; two local legal professionals for the best advice about property


This week Michael is joined by Nirit, from Stylistik. She's showing us how to set your property apart

Episode 13 - SOLICITOR Q&A

Michael is going to chat with Joe Vizzone, one of the local property lawyers, to gain an insight into the process


Have you seen the major developments in Beaconsfield? Join Michael as he visits this neighbourhood.

Episode 11 - RANDWICK

Have you checked out The Spot in Randwick? This week Michael is taking us into the hub of Randwick


This week we're exploring some major development around Kensington, specifically along Anzac Parade

Episode 9 - UNSW

This week Michael is heading to UNSW to chat to several young people about their passion for education


This week Michael heads to Pagewood. The area has a rich tapestry of vintage property peppered with recently renovated houses


We're exploring Maroubra Junction to check out some of the local businesses and find out how the community supports itself


Kingsford is undergoing a massive overhaul at the moment, with a few high-rise buildings going up

Episode 5 - 5th EARL CAFE

This week we're going more in depth into Rosebery and checking out one of the most popular cafe's in the area


Mascot is seeing so much development, especially around the Mascot Train Station which is only two stops from the city

Episode 3 - BOTANY BOUND

This week Michael is taking us around Botany, where there is great mix of development, work areas and community locations


This week we are in Rosebery, an area going through a massive period of development complete with cafes and restaurants


In our very first episode Michael, the friendly face of MGM Properties, is exploring the new and old of Eastlakes